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Why are we different?

Lil' Woodstock Soap uses natural additives for a unique cleansing experience. Handmade soap is incredible for dry skin, sensitive skin as well as eczema, psoriasis & dermatitis. The oils gently cleanse your skin while nourishing without stripping like detergents in commercial soap. Try a bar; you will see with the first wash what a difference there is.


The bars are allowed to cure for several weeks ensuring a solid bar and a luxurious lather. Our bars are all shaped different and maintain their natural rustic design. Because our soap is all natural and things in nature can vary, so may the colors and design in our soap. Each batch takes on it's own personality, and we do not guarantee the bars will look the same batch to batch, only the ingredients and love that went it to making them will always be consistent.


It is best to use your soap within one year to ensure its freshness. When in use, we recommend using a soap dish to allow proper air circulation around the bar for complete drying. 

Why should I use natural handmade soap instead of commercial soap?

Commercial soaps are not truly "soap" - they are detergents made from non-desirable ingredients.  Oftentimes they contain  synthetic chemicals to make the bar harder faster, reducing soap scum, adding lather, inexpensive fillers,  synthetic scents and colors.


These synthetic chemicals tend to dry the skin.  Lil' Woodstock Soap does not contain ANY of these unnecessary ingredients.  We offer only high-quality soaps that are good for you and good for the earth.


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